About Gaurella

Gaurella which is one of the important cities of Chhattisgarh is a nagar panchayat located in Bilaspur district of Chhattisgarh (for about 94 kms towards the North). This city is home to many tribal communities and is known for its natural charm and culture, especially the folk dances. Though a small tehsil, Gaurella has been progressing at a rapid speed in recent years with many companies, market, educational institutions, transportation, banks and hospitals, and lot of attractions in and around this city.

About Gaurella

Geography of Gaurella

Gaurella is located at a latitude of 22.7667° N, and longitude of 81.8667° E, with an altitude of 589 meters. This city is surrouneded by Karanjiya Tehsil towards west, Jaithari Tehsil and the Marwahi Tehsil towards Northern area. There are some other places such as Chirmiri, Kotma and Pasan, as well as the district of Bilaspur. Gaurella experiences mainly three seasons. Summers from April to June, Monsoon from July to September followed by Winters. Overall climate remains pleasant and can be visited any time.

Demography of Gaurella

As per 2001 Indian census, the population in Gaurella was 15,173; out of which 51 percent were Males, and 49 percent were Females. While the average literacy rate was 72 percent; amongst which, the literacy rate of Male literacy was 79 percent, and female literacy was found to be 64 percent. The local language spoken at this tehsil is Chhattisgarhi and Punjabi.

Food in Gaurella

Enjoy taste of local cuisines in Gaurella with wide variety of veg and non-veg food items. Fish being the main food, attracts every visitor to Gaurella. These fishes are mainly procured from local lakes and ponds. Visit the famous eateries to get acquainted with the taste of Gaurella.

Malwa Food Products
Address : Plot No.24,
Sector No-1,
Pithampur, Dhar,
City : Gaurella,
Pin Code : 452001, (Gaurella, Bilaspur)

Shopping in Gaurella

Shopping in Gaurella is one of the delightful moment, as the market is spread wide, and many shops from designer garments and shoes, as well as electronic and kitchen appliances are available in Gaurella. One can even shop from furniture to machinery, and from jewelery items to makeup set, and other essential products that are required by the customers are available at this place.

Tourism in Gaurella

Gaurella tehsil is popular for many spots, which are namely the sacred Amarkantak Plateau and teerth, Jwaleshwar Mahadev temple, Chobutara, and beautiful landscapes as well.

Amarkantak Plateau and Teerth:
This plateau, which is a home to holy Narmada, as well as Amadoh Son, is known for amazing scenic beauty and is situated at 1000 meters from sea level. This sacred place is filled with Sal trees. This is also a sacred place to attain nirvana or moksha.

Jwaleshwar Mahadev : The temple is about 20 kms away from Gaurella, and is considered as a dwelling place of Lord Shiva. This temple is occupied by several pilgrims all over India, and can be visited during any season.

Chobutara : Chobutara that lies with a distance of about 41 kilometers from Gaurella, has a great religious significance, and is frequently visited by many saints and other religious personalities.

Gaurella is mostly popular due to its amazing landscapes that attracts the tourists in large numbers, and gives a charming experience.

Utilities Services in Gaurella

The people of Gaurella enjoy limited availability of services. As the town is in its growing state it is hard to find courier services to send and receive parcels. Reach of telecom and broadband services is also quite limited. Catering services, passport services, gas agencies, and some other services, which are hard to find except few.

Siyaram Indane (Gas Agency)
Address : Main Road Gaurella,
City : Gaurella,
Pin Code : 452001, (Gaurella, Bilaspur)
Phone : 0197 822 4688, 0197 822 0310

Mahadev Rice Mill & Kedia Cement
City : Gaurella,
Pin Code : 495117, (Chhattisgarh)
Mobile : +91 844 645 2875

Transportation in Gaurella

Railways and roadways are the best means of transport. The different Railway junctions near to Gaurella are Pendra Road Railway station (which are 1 kms from Gaurella), Sarbahara Railway Station (5.6 kms from the city), as well as Railway Stations of Harri and Khodri (which 7.7 and 11.2 kms respectively). Another Railway Station that is nearer to Gaurella is the Bilaspur via Katni Railway Station (the major Railway Station). These railway junctions are too near to the Amarkantak as well as the Jwaleshwar Mahadev Temple. Similarly, the closest airport to Gaurella tehsil is the Bilaspur Airport, which is located with a distance of about 88.0 kms, while some other airports located near to this tehsil, are namely the Swami Vivekananda Airport and OP Jindal Airport (which are 175.8 kms and 181.4 kms respectively), and Bilaspur Airport (194 kms from Gaurella).There are some of the cities that are too close to Gaurella. The distance from Gaurella to Ranchi is about 357.1 kms, and the surrounding places include Lucknow which is 441.7 kms; Bhopal, that is about 63.8 kms; and next is Patna, which is 456 kms.

Gaurella at a glance

Country : India
State : Chhattisgarh
District : Bilaspur
Population (2001)
• Total : 15,173
• Official : Hindi, Chhattisgarhi
Time zone : IST (UTC+5:30)
PIN : 495117
Telephone code : 07751

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